We are so glad you’re in our hiring process.

Whether you are in the initial steps of interviewing or have already accepted a position, this page is meant to help answer your questions and provide a central hub for information and resources throughout the hiring process.

Dates & Contract Questions
What’s my start date?
What happens if I want to change my start date or end date?
Can I leave part way through summer for a family vacation?
What’s my pay rate?
Faith At Camp
How does YSSC go about teaching campers about the Christian faith?
How can I expect to be nurtured in my faith as a staff member?
Does YSSC have a statement of faith?
Campers and Staff
What is the background of the campers who attend YSSC?
If I’m not a counselor, will I still get to work with kids?
What is the number and ages of staff members?
How many staff are new/returning each summer?
Daily Life
What is a staff member's general work schedule?
What’s an example of a typical day?
Will I be able to stay in touch with friends/family?
Can I do laundry at camp?
Days Off
Where can I spend days off?
What if I don't have a car?
Can I have visitors?
COVID Protocols
What protocols will be in place for summer 2022?
When/how can I expect to know more details?
And if you’d like more information…
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