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A Place Where Kids Grow Into Their Best Selves

Kids describe YSSC, a Christian Summer Camp in California, as the best two weeks of their summer, if not year. Here’s why.

Where Traditions Matter and Values are Lived Out

We create an environment where kids grow the skills they’ll lean on throughout the coming year– and their lives in the years beyond. We aspire to create more than a place to get away, but a formative experience that empowers your child to become their best selves, navigate our complex world, and discover God’s love and voice in their lives in a personal way. The real impact of a youth camp is children growing skills that last a lifetime.

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Whole Child Youth Development Starts Here

Yosemite Sierra Summer Camp program and outcomes center on our two-week long sessions. Organized into cabin groups of one counselor and up to 7 campers of similar age, children participate in developmentally appropriate activities. Among the many activities that await your child at YSSC, some of the most memorable are the simplest bonding experiences where our trained counselors encourage kids to embrace the joys of life: face painting, costumes, defeating the “pirates” who stole their treasure, and running through forests trying to capture the other team’s flag. These are the magical moments that have become lifetime memories for generations of YSSC since 1973.

Unit 1

Campers entering grades 3 to 6: Confidence building and teamwork skills are emphasized in a variety of activities such as low ropes course, water sports, nature study, Yosemite day hikes, theme days, Variety Show, and Star Rock sleep-outs.

Unit 2

Campers entering grades 7 to 8:
Greater opportunities to take positive risks are added to the camp experience including 3-day introductory backpack trips, high ropes course, and Bible seminar choices.

Unit 3

Campers entering grades 9 to 10:
Our oldest campers build on their skills and enjoy added adventures such as rappelling, Yosemite adventure day, and leadership challenges.

With the right combination of cabin activities and all-camp gatherings, campers will get a taste of just about everything YSSC has to offer and no single day will be the same as the one before.

XL Adventure Week at Mammoth Pool

It’s quite common for campers to declare that “two weeks wasn’t enough” and wish to stay longer. What can we say? We love it here, too. That’s why we’ve developed XL Adventure Week, an off-site, add-on program open to any enrolled camper in grades 7 and above. Held at water’s edge on majestic Mammoth Pool, approximately 45 miles from Bass Lake, California, this rustic beach camp includes extensive wakeboarding, water skiing, jet skiing, and kayaking, along with rock climbing, exploration hikes, self-directed fun, and deeper small group time.

*Must be enrolled in any 2-week session

What They’ll Gain From a Session at YSSC

Our campers don’t just come away from this California Youth Camp with amazing memories and scenic photos. They also gain and build skills that will help them mature into their true identity.

Yosemite Sierra Summer Camp campers riding dirtboards

Peer Skills

Studies call them “Healthy Peer Relationships.” We call it learning how to make better friends by being a better friend. Through team-based activities and counselor-led dialogue, campers learn how to practice empathy, listening and expression skills, and conflict resolution.

YSSC Campers eating desert


A healthy sense of self is like any muscle in your body. With proper exercise, you build a deep strength to rely on for years to come. At Yosemite Sierra Summer Camp, campers get to work this muscle every day. Your child will practice appropriate and healthy independence in a safe setting. Our parents frequently tell us they notice the difference in their child’s confidence right away.

YSSC Campers holding snake


A curious and inquisitive mind is one of the most important assets a child can have in the 21st century. That’s why our curriculum provides campers with time and space to explore. Through age-appropriate adventure, kids learn the importance of trying new healthy activities, meeting new people, and taking positive risks.

YSSC Campers learning bow and arrow


Resilience is the ability to bounce back and learn from mistakes. We grow this life skill by encouraging campers to “try, try again” all on their own—whether it’s the climbing wall, archery, hiking or backpacking—in an encouraging environment with trained adults supervising.

YSSC Campers doing outdoor activities


Technology can be a wonderful part of a child’s life. But in our screen-saturated world, it’s also important for kids to learn who they are without devices around. Campers find that a few weeks without phones and tablets gives them a greater sense of focus and the ability to better understand others and themselves.

YSSC Campers playing on the lake

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Summer Camp Dates & Rates


Session 1: June 16 – June 28
XL Week Add-On: June 30 – 5 tentative for 2024, pending national forest permit.
Session 2: July 7 – July 19
Session 3:
July 21 – August 2
Session 4:
August 4 – August 16


Two-Week Session: $4,200
XL Week Add-On:  tentative for 2024, pending national forest permit.
Deposit: $750 required for regular Two-Week Session and $250 deposit for XL Week.
Early Bird Rates and Sibling Discounts: Given after you apply.


Questions? Call 800-775-9772.

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Availability Chart

The chart below indicates available enrollment in each session by each age division.

Unit 1 BoysLimitedLimitedWaitlistedLimited
Unit 1 GirlsAvailableLimitedWaitlistedWaitlisted
Unit 2 BoysAvailableLimitedAvailableLimited
Unit 2 GirlsLimitedWaitlistedWaitlistedLimited
Unit 3 BoysAvailableAvailableLimitedWaitlisted
Unit 3 GirlsAvailableLimitedLimitedWaitlisted

green indicates there is availability, yellow indicates there are only a few spots left, red indicates a waitlist has begun.

Unit 1 = entering 3rd-6th grade  |  Unit 2 = entering 7th-8th grade  |  Unit 3 = entering 9th-10th grade
*Limited = 6 spaces or less

Cancellation Policy: All cancellations must be in writing and acknowledged by camp registrar. Any cancellations that occur on or before March 31, 2019 will result in a $300 cancellation fee. Any cancellations that occur between April 1, 2019 and one month prior to your enrolled session will result in a $750 cancellation fee. Cancellations for our XL add-on week will result in a $50 cancellation fee. Any cancellations that occur 4 weeks or less from the enrolled session will result in no refund.

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