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Why Traditions Matter

We often think about traditions in the context of holidays – some wonderful thing passed from generation to generation each year. But, traditions also come in small-sized, daily rituals and it’s these that are often the most meaningful. Truth is, family rituals and traditions matter.

Research show traditions are important for us. They give us a sense of happiness and connection. They create strong memories. They also help us navigate life by giving us something to count on, something to believe in and a sense of belonging with family and friends.

Camp is packed with rituals and steeped with traditions – campers love them and don’t ever want them to change! At YSSC, the nightly tuck-in is one example. For 43 years, we’ve been tucking in our campers every night. This bedtime ritual is a time for camper and counselor to connect one-on-one. Campers get to share their day and counselors listen, providing affirmation, words of encouragement, reassurance and accountability. This deeply personal exchange – which only takes a few moments – sends the campers off to sleep with peace, blessing and belonging.

Talk to your kids about your family traditions and rituals. Ask them:

  • What is their favorite family tradition and what does it mean to them?
  • Are there any traditions they’d like to start?

While holiday traditions are some of our favorites, they don’t just have to reside in the Christmas season. Join us as we make traditions matter, each and every day.