Making the Most of Advent

As the Christmas season settles in and we cozy up by the fire with hot cocoa, it’s easy to forget that in addition to sleigh bells and ornaments decking the halls, the season of Advent is here. Maybe you’ve grown up in a tradition that honors the Advent season or perhaps your experience is summed up by tasty chocolate calendars counting down the days. Wherever you find yourself this Christmas, hear this invitation to lean into the coming of Christ this year. Advent comes from the Latin word meaning coming, and it’s the Church’s active participation in awaiting Jesus’ birth on Christmas Day. It’s the opportunity to lean forward, eyes aglow in hopeful anticipation of where and how the good news of Jesus is unfolding in your very home this season.

We hope you’ll join us in carving out time with your friends and family this Advent. If you are looking for an advent resource, many of us on the Executive Staff will be going through Fuller Theological Seminary’s De Pree Center Advent 2021 Devotions with our families. You can download that resource by clicking the link below.  From all of us to you and your families, we hope you have a wonderful Advent season!

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