Making Magic

As the season of Spring begins to bloom, we find ourselves in a unique month full of Irish myth, whimsical make-believe and a pinch or two if we’re found without green. While many will overlook this holiday, I think we can learn a thing or two from our little leprechaun friends.

The Director of Child Development at Crayola says it best: “Creative expression helps children believe in themselves and feel that they have something unique to offer. Art helps children enjoy bright, colorful lives and reach their full potential.” Creative expression and play are integral for a child developing their own sense of self and their place in the world. Research also supports creativity as important for developing problem-solving skills, emotional intelligence and communication skills.

At camp, kids get the chance to develop and hone these skills every day. From specific arts and crafts activities to creative play in a variety show skit, campers are entering into worlds of art and pretend alongside their peers. It’s one of the many reasons they talk about “camp magic!” There is something magical about the opportunity to get messy and create a cabin clean up sign, a wooden journal or a pretend world of Egyptian Pyramids.

This Spring, maybe we create the environment for our kids to continue to experience the magic of make-believe. Perhaps a leprechaun really does visit the house! Or maybe there is a small pot waiting for one of your kids to create their spring garden. However your kids uniquely engage in creating is their story to tell!

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