At the Corner of Pace and Space

Our schedules are packed…yet, even when everything is perfect, don’t you find yourself secretly seeking respite at the mythical corner of Pace and Space?

Webster defines space as an area free, available and unoccupied. And, pace as a steady and constant speed. Apply those definitions to your family schedule and it’s likely both are at a premium. Yet, research tells us downtime, reflection and time with family provide important opportunities for learning, replenishing and essential family bonding.

At camp, your kids experience what it’s like to stand at the corner of Pace and Space. Downtime is built into each day through quiet time and reflection. Cabin kickback and tuck-in times at YSSC are meaningful and reinforce learning. And, even child-directed play gives children a chance to learn and exercise the muscle of imagination.

That mythical corner of Pace and Space does not need to evade us. Here are three of our favorite tips for navigating your way there at home:

  1. Look At Your Family Schedule This Week. Is there one place to schedule an hour of downtime for your family? At YSSC, we call this “cabin kickback.” It may need to be child by child and parent by parent, but even one hour of “spacing” out will replenish the brain.
  2. Family Time Ritual. As we kick off the school year, look at your family’s schedule. Is there one ritual that you can build in now to ensure family time together and reinforce your family’s values?
  3. Give Your Child One Boring Family Chore. Research shows that rote and routine behaviors are actually good for the brain. Something as mundane as folding laundry anchors memory, makes sense of learning, and gives them an opportunity to simply zone out.
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