Dear Summer 2021 Families

We are so excited to move toward what may be the most anticipated summer of camp! We will be posting our health and safety updates here in hopes of keeping our families and friends well-informed.

March 17, 2021

Check out this video from owners and Executive Directors, Steve and Sara Kuljis.

February 24, 2021

As Summer 2021 comes a bit more into focus, Covid protocols including cohorting, distancing, masks (some of the time), increased hand washing and moving most activities outside will be in place for the summer. Even with these accommodations, we remain confident that YSSC will still hold the belonging, fun and growth that campers are longing for.

Transportation will look differently this year compared to past summers. Charter bus transportation will only be offered from Orange County (Irvine Valley College) this summer, with extra screening happening for campers before they board busses and head to camp.  We regret that we will not be able to provide pick up in Pasadena or Valencia. Families who choose to drive their children to camp will be given specific time frames for arrival and pick up to minimize interaction between staff, campers and guests. Upon arrival at YSSC, family members will be required to stay with their car during camper screening and forego moving their camper into cabins or touring camp grounds. Shuttle service will still be available to and from Fresno International Airport. With 2021 Sessions starting on Monday and ending on Saturday, families should take traffic into consideration as they make their plan campers’ travel plans.

Self-screening will be required for 10-14 days prior to your camper’s session. We’ll provide families with a form to record daily temperature, potential Covd symptoms and exposure occurrence. We will also ask families to make choices to lower risk of exposure (such as mask wearing and distancing, avoiding large gatherings and indoor group activities, etc.) during this self-screening period in order to decrease a camper’s chance of bringing Covid-19 with them to camp.

Testing will also be a part of this summer’s camp admission in order to help ensure we bring together as healthy a session of campers as possible. Proof of a negative PCR Test administered within 72 hours of arrival will be required. We know this may be burdensome for families and we appreciate your partnership in this effort. Details about testing will be provided later this spring.

Thank you for your patience as guidelines from various authorities evolve in the coming months.

January 26, 2021

With the new year well underway, we continue to refine our 2021 Health Action Plan to incorporate evolving guidance from the CDC and practical experience shared by camps in other states that operated successfully in 2020. While some recommendations may evolve through the spring, campers can expect to see many non-pharmaceutical interventions in place this summer at YSSC. These will include: 

  • robust cleaning and sanitation
  • daily health checks
  • increased hand hygiene
  • small group cohorts
  • social distancing
  • prioritization of outdoor activity
  • staggered mealtimes
  • mask requirements during some activities 

We do anticipate that campers will not need to wear masks when they are in their own cabin groups and, by holding more activities than ever outside, we will still get to experience many of our favorites including the Variety Show and dance parties. Families should also expect that they may be requested to do pre-camp preparation/screening and testing before their camper arrives at camp. We will be able to be more specific about this as the summer comes closer. Finally, we are hopeful that charter bus transportation can be made available for campers coming from Southern California. However, we are not yet certain if state guidance will allow this. Please be assured we will advise families as soon as we know for sure. 

While no place is as safe as staying home, kids are craving summer camp and are desperate for a remedy for this isolation. We remain committed to provide as healthy an environment as we can for our campers this summer. So keep your eye out for monthly Health Action Plan updates!

November 5, 2020

Our sights are set on Summer 2021! While the state of California did not allow resident camps to operate in Summer 2020, we were able to fully plan for an adapted summer camp program which ensured the health and safety of our campers while keeping the heart and soul of the YSSC experience intact. As the coronavirus landscape continues to evolve, we will continue to update our operational plan to meet advancing guidance and mandates while also studying Covid-19 protocols practiced by camps that operated successfully in other states this past summer.

The bottom line for our families is we will be ready to provide an intentional and healthy environment for campers to play and grow come Summer 2021. We know kids need summer camp more than ever and we welcome your family’s partnership in this effort. We’ll continue to post health related information on this page in the months ahead.