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Title purpose and Mission



Our mission is to create an environment of God's love where all members of the camp community grow in character, skills, relationships, and faith.



Growing Character

– Living in cabin groups, and participating in small and large group activities is both fun and challenging. Being away from the familiarity of home allows campers to spread their wings and practice making age-appropriate decisions. Our counselors provide necessary guidance and encouragement. The result is a greater sense of self and greater concern for others. Whether by encouraging each other on the climbing wall, cleaning up the cabin together, trying water skiing for the first time, or contributing to a small group discussion, YSSC’s campers develop personal responsibility, courage, resiliency, empathy, generosity and respect.




Growing Skills

– One of the many gifts of camp is the opportunity to try new activities without the pressure to be an expert. Another is the chance to gain esteem by mastering skills. At YSSC campers explore new interests and develop competencies, from archery to friend-making, from knee boarding to problem solving, from backpacking to listening well - many that experts assert are essential “21st Century Skills.”




Growing Relationships

– Helping campers experience a sense of belonging is a high priority at YSSC. This is accomplished through supportive relationships, which is one of the greatest strengths of the camp environment. Healthy friendships with cabin mates enhance a camper’s self-esteem and multiply the fun of camp. Meaningful connections with staff offer campers wholesome mentors, thoughtful coaching, and assurance that they are valued simply for who they are.




Growing Faith

– In YSSC’s beautiful mountain setting campers see God’s handiwork, power and creativity. Through Bible study, guest speakers and “teachable moments,” we delight in helping campers understand more vividly God’s love for them and the value of His guidance in their lives. In addition, God’s truths and tools for Christian living are best learned when modeled and practiced in the daily flow of life. Campers remark that YSSC is a place to discover faith of your own, ask hard questions and be amazed by the wonder of God’s creation.