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Two-Week Sessions


YSSC’s core program is our two-week long session. Organized into cabin groups of one counselor and up to 7 campers, children participate in developmentally appropriate activities depending on their age:


Unit 1 - Campers entering grades 3 to 6: Confidence building and teamwork skills are emphasized in a variety of activities such as low ropes course, water sports, nature study, Yosemite day hikes, theme days, Variety Show, and Star Rock sleep-outs.


Unit 2 – Campers entering grades 7 to 8: Greater opportunities to take positive risks are added to the camp experience including 3-day introductory backpack trips, high ropes course, and Bible seminar choices.


Unit 3 – Campers entering grades 9 to10: Our oldest campers build on their skills and enjoy added adventures such as the King Swing, evening lake activities, and leadership challenges.


XL Adventure Week


Campers declare that “two weeks isn’t enough,” and long to stay at YSSC longer than a session. This “Extra Large” off-site program is open to any camper, 7th grade or older, who is also registered for a regular two-week YSSC session. Held at water’s edge on majestic Mammoth Pool, approximately 45 miles from Bass Lake, this rustic beach camp includes extensive wakeboarding, water skiing, jet skiing, and kayaking, along with rock climbing, exploration hikes, self-directed fun, and deeper small group time.
Campers come away with:



  • Increased confidence and comfort in nature
  • Greater teamwork and problem solving skills
  • Lifelong friendships with peers and staff
  • Deeper understanding of God’s role in their lives


To register for this extra week of camp, please call 800.775.9772.